Neverwinter – the Jewel of the North

Neverwinter is the northernmost major city in Faerun.

Recent History

Once a great city of adventure and trade, it was decimated by a great cataclysm, the eruption of Mount Hotenow. This eruption was sudden and unexpected, and wiped out nearly half of the population of Neverwinter, and sent the city into great peril. For 30 years, the city was near lawless, and was a center for looting, raiders, and crime. Then came Lord Neverember, the Open Lord from Waterdeep. Over the next 70 years, the Lord Protector would fight to repel the raiders and evil forces from the city to rebuild it to its previous glory. This was met by great receptance from most, though there were many who looked at Neverember as an occupier and a violator of the sovereignty of Neverwinter. This led to the formation of the Sons of Alagondar, named for the given name of the previous ruling family of Neverwinter. This led to nearly 50 years of fighting and rebel activity that tried to undermine and force out Neverember. In the end, they were disorganized and made choices that caused them to fall out of favor with almost all of the population of Neverwinter. This coupled with the good work that Lord Neverember accomplished there, that the rebellion was all but destroyed. For the remaining 20 years after the rebellion ended, the Lord Protector continued to rebuild Neverwinter.

Current Day

Nearly 75% or Neverwinter has been restored and trade is just reaching a level that the high road down to Waterdeep is beginning to be rebuilt.


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